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It's always true that everything comes back around. From fashion to styles and the entirety in-between, a lot of modern-day styles have taken inspiration from vintage Hollywood styles. We will check out vintage Hollywood styles and the new gowns inspired through the iconic time. Perhaps no other era in the history of the Hollywood held as much influence as Hollywood’s Golden Age. From Rita Hayworth’s ‘Put the Blame on Mame’ gown to Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ stunning pink dress; vintage Hollywood produced a plethora of fabulously great styles. Here are vintage Hollywood styles of 2017 that you can’t afford to miss:

Vintage Hollywood styles - The daywear styles of the 1930s: They were simplistic in cut; practical yet demure and glamorous style. Perhaps no other era epitomized styles as the 1930s did. The female form was celebrated, virtually outlined in a gown of thin, tactile silks. The bias cut clung to every curve, shoulders and backs have been uncovered – the daywear styles of the ‘30s were sensual delights, displaying yet concealing the shape concurrently.

Vintage Hollywood Styles - Evening gowns of the 1950S: They apparently had no limits when it comes to the embellishment of styles and visible impact. After the rationing and hardships of WW2, designers and couturiers were suddenly allowed to discover all way of creative opportunities once again. By the 1950s, Dior’s new styles have become a universal line of fashion. Nipped-in waistlines served to beautify the juxtaposition of voluminous full skirts.

Vintage Hollywood Styles - Formal dress styles: To recreate the 1950s influenced vintage Hollywood style in 2017, look out for formal dress styles with established, defined bodies. Full skirts billowing with yards of material were also a necessary element of the 1950s look. Complete the look with accessories – gloves, an identical handbag, footwear, and of course glowing costume jewelry!

Vintage Hollywood Styles – The Underpinnings: If you are a big-breasted girl, go and get a bra fitted. In 2017, most shops do it at no cost. If you are in the UK, La Senza is ideal – or Bravissimo if you have uber-bubbies. Clothing is more flattering if you are wearing the right bra size- and seven out of ten women aren’t! It’s hard to drag off the glamour with that four-boobed look, achieved by wearing a bra that is too small in the cup and too big in the back.

Match your underwear! Apparently, surveys have proven that women feel more confident in matching undergarments, so whether you put on only a bra and knickers, or go the entire way (stockings, suspenders, garter – the lot), make sure that if it isn’t a set, your underwear at least suits in color.

Vintage Hollywood Styles – The Showpiece: This isn’t about pulling off the vintage style (until you want to). This is about adding the vintage Hollywood style to your outfit in 2017. Smart trousers are nice, as are long lace tops, long dresses, trouser suits and cocktail dresses. Are you going to a picnic or a party? Is it a hot summer or are you freezing? The simplest rules are No trainers, no sweatpants, and no T-shirts.



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